The Corporate Bride

Today’s women, I will state a Multi tasker. People usually  say for a women her priority is her Family. She ought not think or conflict with her family. It is expected out of her to sacrifice her career, dreams and way of living for her husband and future family or in laws. In any case, I figure the present women have broken this stereotype picture of a lady. Today’s women are equally or I would say more ambitious than a man. They similarly needs to develop and ascend in their particular career. I recollect a line from a friend ” Main Pati ko bas pati samjhati hun” (I consider my husband as a husband only not God). They are as yet in charge of their family and spouse yet expect an equivalent commitment in house from her. They will not bow down only for the sake that they are daughter in laws. A girl who gives equal importance to their ambition and family, I called those brides as “ THE CORPORATE BRIDES”.



So here we will perceive what a Mother in law ought to expect from a corporate bride of different ascendant.(not moon sign not zodiac)

Aries: – they are like the empress. They have their own rules and regulations, guidelines and control. Extremely ambitious with great energy. They work for themselves. They are their own boss. May think to begin something of her own. As they long for Forbes. Cautioning mother in laws don’t disturb them. But mother in laws they are the ones who can actually increase your social status so keep them cheerful.

Note:- don’t try to be their boss.

Taruas: they are not adaptable females. The most stubborn females and most persistent one, Believe me, mother in laws they stand like a bull for what they believe is correct. They are the most loyal females of all the zodiac signs. When they said they are for then you don’t have to stress over it. They are the moneymakers. Let them give more priority to work. And they will prove to be literal “laxmi” of your house.

Note: let them concentrate more on their work.

Gemini: she is extremely smart and decent and at the same time mysterious. Communication would be her key skill so you cant win over her in words. so mother in laws kindly don’t attempt. They want a partner who is at same or having more intellectual level. In addition she will have great social life and she will keep up that.

Note: don’t attempt to chop down her group of friends.

Cancer:- one of the best daughter in law to be. Cancerian women are very emotional driven women. For them their home, husband and kids starts things out. Very very attached to their house. So they will listen to their mother in laws. But if you indulge in a fight with any cancerian bride trust me they will be more dramatic than ever. Try to maintain a balance with her.

Note:- don’t say brutal things to her.

Leo: these females are rulers. They are strong and harsh. Very aggressive and strong on their opinions. They will choose what they need to do and how they need to do it. Nobody else could choose for them. They might not give much importance to your son also. Be ready for that but she can love selflessly.

Note: don’t go on her words.

Virgo:-they are most tolerant woman of the hour. Even if she will face difficulty with you, mom in law. She will not say much. She will never state it. Try to understand her dreams as well and be thankful that she is not that rigid. Don’t think she is a fool. She has the best observant power. She has an eye for detail.

Note:- keep her ;like a friend and your life will be a living heaven.

Libra:- most balanced brides. They precisely know how to adjust amongst house and vocation. Be that as it may, don’t expect any sort of trade off from them. They are the peace adoring..They always try to be working post marriage and they will look for a partner who will be best in his respective fields. Mother in laws you will be lucky if you get an Libra ascendant bride.

Note: they will maintain the balance. Don’t worry.

Scorpio: She will be a perfectionist in whatever she does. Whether its home or career. She doesn’t need the instructions of how it should be done Because she already knows it.  She is strong on her beliefs and knows how to tackle the situation or your son. If she is good she will be very good and love you. She is very ambitious but might help you in small household work.

Note: Don’t give her Instructions.

Sagittarius: they are the freedom lovers. They just want to work where they get freedom. A large portion of these ladies needs to begin something of their own after marriage. As they look for opportunity all around. Give them . they go for simple things. Give them easy task. They don’t have any fear. If one job or carrer wont work they will easily switch.

Note: give them easy task and you will be happy.

Capricorn: these ladies are most carefree and loves to travel. Sometimes they are extremely introvert and make secretive plans regarding her career life. They will not be comfortable if someone comes btn her career life. But yes they have strng opinions about what is right and wrong so they will try and maintain the balance.

Note:- make them travel to be in their good books.

Aquarius : they are a sort of females who won’t do anything for a really long time. Regardless of whether a vocation at one place or business or family work. Mother in laws keep on changing her responsibilities. Give these ladies diverse sort of work at various interim and after that see the enchantment.

Note: Asign them diverse work at various circumstances.

Pisces: they are very hard to understand females as they are the most emotional and sensitive females of all zodiacs. Be really really careful what you will say to a Piscean bride She may very well take it on her heart and keep it there till the end. She is focused on her career but could easily be distracted. Will listen to each and every advice when its come to love. She will mostly be shy in expressing her views so try to gage that thing from her actions.

Note:-be a little sensitive towards her sensitivity.


17 seconds Rule

17 Seconds intention of pure thoughts by Abraham-Hicks. This is how one can control negative thoughts.

If you can hold a thought, just a simple thought, for 17 seconds, without contradicting it, another thought like it same shape, same size, same vibration, same tone, by law of attraction another thought like it will come to it. And at precisely the 17 second point, these two thoughts will join one another, they coalesce and when they do that there is an energy that is expended, it is like a combustion point. And when these two thoughts join and combust, you can feel an increase in your excitement and positivity. And in that moment of 17 seconds, these two thoughts that were same become one bigger,more evolved, faster vibrating thought.

So if we see, after 17 seconds similar thought with same vibration join your first thought. Total 17+17=34. Then if you hold it for 34 seconds another thought could come up 34+17= 51 and you will find that last 17 sec you don’t have to think you are already started vibrating in that energy and when you complete this 51+17 sec point that is 68 secs in total you have manifested that thing in your life because you reach to a point of highest Manifestation power.

As per Abraham hicks 17 seconds of pure thought is equivalent to 2000 hours of action. If you are working a regular 40 hour a week job, that is about what you work in a year. 17 seconds equals 2000 action hours. If you can cross the 34 second mark, you can multiply your action by ten, 20.000 action hours. If you can cross the 51 second mark 3 times 17 you can multiply by ten again, a 200.000 action hour equivalent. If you can cross the 68 second mark – now that is just over a minute of pure con-contradicted, non-diluted thought it is equivalent to over 2 million action hours.

Try to focus on one thought or one wish at a point. Keep your energy focused on that point.

 By this way you can manifest anything. Any new relation, new job, remove the blockage, good health anything. Try this out and see its effects.

Happy manifesting..


Jupiter In Libra ‘ 2017


Jupiter travel in Libra 2017 will start on September 12, 2017. This will affect the lives of everybody. It ought to be noticed that Libra is controlled by the planet Venus. Venus represents wealth, education and fortune. Jupiter stays in one house for around one year. From 12th  September 2017, Jupiter will move to Libra and will stay there till 10th October 2018.

How about we see the effect on different ascendant signs:

Aries: Jupiter in the 7th House

Jupiter will travel into the seventh house from your moon sign, which would empower unmarried people to luck out and discover the soul mate they had always wanted. Your younger siblings will flourish in this term and take off high to accomplish new heights. You will get increment in this period. you are likely to see partnership developments in any of the before mentioned areas. You will get support of your friend circle.

Taurus: Jupiter in the 6th House

your life is probably going to rotate around advancements in the professional circle. you may develop in your expert abilities and be fruitful; in zones identified with your work. weight gain is a Big is advised that you take proper care of your diet. there may be danger of theft also. someone in your friend circle may pretend to be your well wisher. be cautious of such person. students may also face obstruction in their studies.

Gemini: Jupiter in the 5th House

this Expands the odds of getting hitched to your love partner. you will see more substance in emotional and creative abilities. you offer of Fun, love and great circumstances are in store. You will have an agreeable time amid of travel. this is the time when you get reward of your diligent work done in the past at your work environment. advancement or higher position at proficient front can be normal. you will discover amicability with your seniors and associates.

Cancer: Jupiter in the 4th House

This will bring back the lost congruity in your household life. Tiffs and contentions at home will stop and you’ll have the capacity to remain calm and emotional episodes. You will get significantly more bliss and joy in your family connections and different encounters at home, amid this travel period. You will welcome enhancements in your family life which will help your mental status.

Leo: Jupiter in the 3rd House

Some finished pending news would come your direction. Married  life will be euphoric; Partner will be exceptionally steady of you. Domestic/Family life will remain quiet and amicable. Siblings would be the wellspring of bliss for you this year. You are additionally prone to get chances of gaining advanced education and correspondence. You will have the capacity to express your thoughts appropriately.

Virgo: Jupiter in the 2nd House

Keep up a harmony amongst work and fun. you inclined towards learning spirituality and religion. Try not to waste time with the little changes occurring in your life in this period. There might be an expansion in your income Change of place or profession is on the cards as well.

Libra: Jupiter in the 1st House

You’ll consume your lazy propensities and work on getting yourself back fit as a fiddle. Work on accomplishing your objectives. Occasions which happen which will enable you to defeat issues that seemed testing or even inconceivable till some time back. this time encourage you to remain quiet. Persistence or patience would be your key mantra.

Scorpio: Jupiter in the 12th House

Chances of getting an infection in this period are high. education should endure, as you’ll need fixation and assurance in this period. Your children’s health will be a major stress issue for you. This might give you some anxieties too. try to remain calm. A feeling of guilt for your past efforts could also arise.

Sagittarius: Jupiter in the 11th House

Seniors will be watching out for your work so recall not to slow down any looming work. You will have the capacity to depend on your companions, Friends and relatives for help and they will enable you to make this time more productive. There would be great income stream. Buy of a property and luxury car is additionally on the cards. You can make new companions too.

Capricorn: Jupiter in the 10th House

Your finances would get somewhat flimsy; nothing to stress as you’ll discover new and imaginative approaches to control your issues. Efforts that you put in each work won’t go unnoticed . In any case, amid this period, you are probably going to see association advancements in any of the before specified ranges. You will have hard time adjusting work and home.

Aquarius: Jupiter in the 9th House

Going for a pilgrimage with family and loved ones is also on the cards for you. your efforts to acquire the entire family together will be profoundly valued. this is all the more valid about those business dealing which would include reputation, advancement and are over a long separation. for some of you, a line of business will end as you may get another concentration now. health would make strides.

Pisces: Jupiter in the 8th House

Inconveniences in profession or work may make obstacles for you. This year you may need to go on an undesirable trip, which as anticipated won’t not be that lucrative for you. Spirituality and meditation. could give you comfort from the tiring scene. you will pick up in zones like shared assets, joint accounts, loans, taxes, sexuality, intimacy and so on.









Solar Eclipse Report On Different ascendant signs

The solar eclipse on Monday August 21, 2017 is at 29° Leo.

The solar eclipse August 2017 astrology points to bold, confident changes leading to long term success. Determined and sustained effort will bring the growth and happiness you desire


Aries;- Solar Eclipse Happening in 5th house. It can bring new business idea. May be you are going to expand a business. May be you will make a hobby into a business. It is the wonderful time for romance. Meeting someone special. This could be the great time for having children, this solar eclipse bring children in your life or young people in your life.

Taurus:- Solar Eclipse happening in your 4th house. It has everything to do with your home, family. And this solar eclipse will bring about the opportunity of new beginnings and new possibilities. May be you are renovating or upgrading or maybe you are putting an energy into a family member. Wonderful time in getting your environment clear or you could be moving. There could be a wonderful opportunity to work from home, to be more flexible.

Gemini:- Solar Eclipse happening in your 3rd house. This gives you an opportunity of meeting new people. This could be a new computer, some new technology that you may buy. This will be very good for connecting with people in your neighborhood, in your community. This time would be very good for learning something or preparing something may be for an exam.

Cancer:- Solar Eclipse happening in your 2nd house. The house money and finance. Everything to do with money this month. This will give you an opportunity in finding your talents and gifts. Something that might try and feel attracted to. And you discover OMG I am so good at it. That’s the mantra to make good income and good money.

Leo:- Solar Eclipse happening in your 1st house. This is a good time for being energetic, doing things, taking actions. This is a good time to do any kind of physical work, physical activity, getting your body moving.  It’s a wonderful time for new beginnings for finding your identity, finding who you are and what do you want.

Virgo:- Solar Eclipse happening in 12th  house so internal space have to be very important to you as 12th house will take away from the busy schedule of your work. You could be a lot in thinking process. This is the time to look into your belief, what you believe in. this is asking you to go with in and ask your internal self what you really want.

Libra:- Solar Eclipse happening in your 11th house. This is the wonderful time for new beginnings in your social circle, your friends. Great time for creating a whole new community of people around you. This could be great time to make an online community, for teaching or for training. It is the great time to think about your dreams and wishes.

Scorpio:- Solar Eclipse happening in your 10th house- this is the time for new beginnings or potential in your career, work or what you want to do in life. This is the time where you can allow people to see you completely as you try to hide something and show something but this time may be you allow people to see your complete agendas.

Sagittarius:- Solar Eclipse happening in your 9th house. This is a wonderful time for new beginnings for travelling, for learning languages, for doing international business. You could take your education to a higher level. It is also a time to do something on spiritual level. Good time to connect to likeminded people. You could bring more meaning and depth in your everyday life.

Capricorn:- Solar Eclipse happening in your 8th house. Everything to do with finances this month money and security would be your prime focus. This is a wonderful opportunity to go deeper in everything that you think you value. What are your priorities? Getting your priorities right. Is it your family or love or career.  Just look into the matter that how you can achieve the kind of life you want to live.

Aquarius:- Solar Eclipse happening in your 7th house. This is the wonderful time for new relationship. A breath of fresh air coming into your relationship. Something new happening. It might be an ending of a big relationship in order to start a new life. You might meet someone new or some new partnership in business, new contact for your business. This could also be a renewal of a marriage.

Pisces:- Solar Eclipse happening in your 6th  house. A breath of fresh air in your well being, health and energy levels. You can be careful about your diet or meditations or exercises. You will start to go with your intuitions for changing the body needs.  You can recreate your whole energy in your health level.

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Mercury Retrograde 2017

Mercury retrograde in vedic astrology can appear as learning challenges, particularly with reading, writing and comprehension. Reluctant to talk up for yourself, you may pass up a major opportunity for some open doors in life. This Mercury retrograde cycle is an especially capable and huge one that could prompt changes in your affection life or funds. You might be a bashful, very individual whose musings have turned internal.  Dread, weakness, doubt, lying, misleading, misrepresentation and infidelity are a portion of the issues that may emerge. Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, you can hope to be contemplating matters of love and trust.

Mercury retrograde 2017 begin on August 12 at 11° Virgo and ends on September 5 at 28° Leo.

How about we see its consequences for various ascendant signs:

Aries: It is retrograding from your 6th house to 5th house.  It influences you as far as Communication all in all and employment or well being related Matters. There can be delays or reexamining with these issues. Always double check your work. There could be anold issues with your children or lover may pop up, or there could be some communication problems with the same.

Taurus: it is happening in fourth and fifth houses this time. It influences you as far as communication with sweethearts or kids, and in regards to Financial undertakings. You need to give additional care with regards to family relations, sentiment, kids, and creativity. Take no new activities with respect to family or home. Don’t take any major decision of your life at this time.

Gemini: it is happening in your third and fourth houses this time It influence you as far as your own image is concerned, yourself, your own thoughts. Additional care ought to be practiced with regards to creating letters, messages, telephone calls, and family relations. Be as non-judgmental as you can with relatives.

Cancer: : it is happening in your second and third houses this time .it influences your personal communications in general as well as communications about the past. Additional care ought to be practiced with regards to new monetary activities, making letters, messages, and telephone calls, and in addition speaking with neighbors.

Leo: it is happening in your first and second houses this time. influence you as far as individual Finance and as well as communications with friends or groups. additional care ought to be practiced with regards to new money related activities and non-verbal communication. Exploring your financial plan as opposed to bouncing into new buys is all together at this point.

Virgo: it is happening in your twelfth and first houses this time. It influence you regarding your own particular non-verbal communication and individual way. additional care ought to be practiced with regards to non-verbal communication and instinct. Try to be more focused. Take care of your expressions.

Libra: it is happening in your eleventh and twelfth houses this time. It influence you as far as your communications involving legal affairs, travel, and education, as well as communications about the past. additional care ought to be utilized when speaking with Friends or interacting in your social circle. A lot of chances of misunderstanding happening.

Scorpio: it is happening in your tenth and eleventh houses this time . it influence you as far as your communications with friends or groups. You may find that communications with bosses and co-workers, and other professional matters, can be tricky.

Sagittarius: it is happening in your ninth and tenth houses this time, it affect you in terms of communications with bosses or in your career in general, as well as communications with a close partner. additional care ought to be utilized when speaking with bosses and associates, and in regards to travel or training designs.

Capricorn: it is happening in eighth and ninth houses this time. It influence you as far as communications regarding travels, legal matters, or opinions, as well as communications on the job and with co-workers. additional care ought to be practiced in regards to travel. Delays are possible in your programs, loan applications.

Aquarius: it is happening in your seventh and eighth houses. It influence you as far as your communication or paper work related to your financial matters. additional care ought to be practiced with regards to transactions, one-on-one communication. Try not to judge your partner at this time.

Pisces: it is happening in your 6th and seventh houses this time.  It affect you in terms of communications with a partner or about partnerships. additional care ought to be practiced with regards to transactions, work, and one-on-one communication. There may be the need to revisit old issues in a partnership, or there could be some communication problems with a partner.


Rahu Transit- 18 August 2017

Shanidev-UpayRahu is an exceptionally secretive planet. Wherever it goes or stays, rahu dependably concentrate on the hard work. It will make you buckle down in the segment contingent upon the house it is in. As of now, it is in movement through the sign Leo, moving back to the sign Cancer by Friday, 18th August 2017.

Rahu always makes a transit in every 18 months. After planet Saturn, they set aside the longest opportunity to finish their travel in one Sign. Rahu means our future, Ketu indicates our past. At the point when these two planets travels, this is the ideal opportunity for real changes in different parts of our life. When both these planets are operating, change will take place when you least expect it.


Presently let us see the consequences of their travels on different ascendant signs:

Aries:- Rahu will move to your Fourth house. You might consider relocating by this transit. Rahu’s travel to your Fourth house will be propitious for you as major number of your issues will get fixed. Matters relating to land, property and vehicles may confront a few issues. You should understand your duties towards your family and should put in more efforts to make the home climate lovely. You won’t have a craving for giving a ton of significance to the opinion of others

Taurus:- Rahu in the third house. The Rahu travel in Cancer will be good for you and you are probably going to profit in various ways. You may feel exceedingly active and think that its difficult to sit still. You may confront errors in your household life. The travel of Rahu in Cancer is required to acquire joy and fortunes your life. You may feel a positive change in your conduct. You may likewise get the chance to travel. All of a sudden you will turn out to be great listener.

Gemini:- Rahu in the second house. This travel won’t not go extremely well for your sibling. Work may keep you far from home. Put the focus on issues relating to your finances. Rahu will make you understand the estimation of your money and wealth. You should be to a great degree watchful in financial dealings.

Cancer:- Approach of Rahu into your ascendant is required to change your perspective to improve things. but you may start thinking too much about things in general. Issues in wedded relations are likely amid this period and you will think that its hard to make others understand your views.

Leo:- Rahu in the twelfth house. Long distance travel and establishment of foreign connections is on the cards. You will often get lost in your own thoughts and due to this you will get disconnected with the realities and because of this you will get misunderstood among the people. You may feel reserved and detached from others, and this may make false impressions with individuals. There are strong chances of developing connections with foreign people and these may come from social networking sites.

Virgo:- Rahu in the eleventh house. Senior authorities at work may find it difficult to understand your thoughts and might wont be agree with the same. New love may thump your entryway in this period. For people who are in business, you will be able to attract the right opportunities during this transit. Your social life will encounter a dash of new vitality and a ton of social gatherings are in the offing.

Libra:- Rahu in the tenth house. An adjustment in your present working environment can be expected. There are chances of discussions happening at your present working environment. You should watch your reputation for being a few people may play politic in the face of your good faith. Concentrate on any area of your career at a time and try to achieve efficiency in it.

Scorpio:- Rahu in the ninth house Rahu’s travel into Cancer will bring deep sense of spirituality in you. Long distance travel is on the cards. Health of your father might need attention during this period. It is better for you to depend more on your self-efforts. Having confidence in your own abilities is the way to accomplish better things and to encounter advance. Keep listening to your inner voice and do not ignore the messages that your intuition conveys.

Sagittarius:- Rahu in the eighth house. Acting self dependent is great, however being adamant will not be good for you. You will be made to deal with issues relating to legal and wills. Shared assets will likewise draw your attention. Don’t be too rigid about anything.

Capricorn:- Rahu in the seventh house. Rahu’s transit in Cancer might bring troubles in your marital life. you may have mistaken assumptions, misunderstanding and quarrels with your life partner. Advance in profession is predicted during this period. The health of your spouse may suffer or the problems in general may increase and this will bother you. During this transit, you are likely to be getting more diplomatic gradually.

Aquarius:- Rahu in the sixth house. Rahu’s movement in your Sixth house is required to get advance your career. You may feel fitter and more enthusiastic during this travel. You will have the capacity to accomplish victory over your enemies.

Pisces:– Rahu in the fifth house. Rahu in the fifth House can mostly open up your fortune reserves. This aspect you will be able to experience in the sudden support of luck that you may be getting in various situations. those into a relationship may confront a few difficulties and hence you are encouraged to keep up an abnormal state of straightforwardness in order to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings.

These predictions are generalize and for customized predictions you can watsapp us on 7506489291


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Dreams that changed my life.

Hi everybody, I am composing this blog just to share the astonishing knowledge I having for a previous couple of days. Furthermore, from that point forward, my life is getting to be to GORGEOUS. I am extremely appreciative for such Miracles occurrences in my life that I experienced each day.

We all know according to Hindu religion “SAWAAN “month is going on. Month of SHIV-the Hindu God. My master. I am a genuine devotee of SHIV and his forces.

As everybody knows I am a Tarot reader and an astrologer and just to keep my mind positive, for my inner peace and to build my instincts I Meditate daily.. Each morning and night. This is in my schedule. It’s more like a custom now that I follow.

Meditation always gives you a very powerful positive feel from which you can manifest anything and everything you want until and unless it harms anyone. So regular miracles occur in my life and I am exceptionally used to of it however yes extremely appreciative about it.

However, for recent days I was getting a few dreams-longs for MY master SHIV

Earlier once I saw that I was chanting “MAHAMTRINYUNJAY MANTRA” in my dream and all of a sudden reached to a Shivling kept under a tree. A black color Shivling. I talked about the dream to my close relative and she said SAWAN is going on. You please go to the temple and pour JAL on Shivling. I said alright.

At that point I thought it must be there in my subliminal personality that is the reason I saw such dream. Yet, I was doing my meditations. Also, yes was valuing the changes or I say the positive changes that was coming my direction every day.

Then one night I saw a river streaming and I was attempting to cross the waterway,all of a sudden a peacock originated from nowhere and helped me to cross  the way and vanished. Next morning a major issue in my life got tackled that too with no endeavors.

My concentration moved towards my dreams and after that I begin to discover about all such in detail.

I was reading about the dream interpretations online and I saw that watching Shiv in our dreams means you must meditate more to see what is awaiting for you.

Then Major dreams came last night:-

I saw a snake, not a snake in fact – an Anaconda kind of a reptile- black in color was there in a cage and suddenly I saw that somehow it escaped. Two individuals whom I don’t know really fled in a jeep. I was left  alone and that snake was chasing me but I kept running and running  on a green land and suddenly a river came but I was going all through. I was suspecting that this snake will kill me but then I saw a little temple and I thought of taking shelter there.  And guess what it was a Shiv temple again. I saw the Shivling-white shading this time and I woke up.

I tried to find the meaning immediately I woke up and it shows that I got a victory over an enemy. Plus I am on a right path. And that I have become a very positive person with time.

Since morning whatever I said randomly to people turned out to be true in their lives. So I wish for all my people an extremely cheerful and positive life ahead.


Much obliged to you Shivji for such unique wonders in feel every day.

ADVICE: Start Meditating