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Moon- Happiness, emotional stability and depression.


Moon associated with feminine energy- soft, sensitive and lenient yet so powerful in their own manner.

It represents everything related to motherhood- Mother, relationship between Mother and child, fertility, childbirth and so forth.

The Moon also represents our most profound individual needs, our basic habits and responses, and our unconscious. The Moon act as mediator between the inner world and the outer world. The Moon spends roughly 2 1/2 days in each sign and takes 28 days to circumnavigate the zodiac. It is feminine energy and rules Cancer and the Fourth House.

If moon is malefic or conjucted with wrong planets can give you depression.

Moon in different houses and its meaning: –

Moon in 1 house: –

Everyone and anyone can read you. Your emotions resemble an open book for everybody. Your first reaction is always emotional. These people are very much devoted and faithful to their family and love. They are exceptionally sentimental individuals. Their eyes must be beautiful. Their emotions always over power their logic. They are super creative by nature. Do not let yourself vanish for the sake of others. Do good however don’t give others a chance to utilize you in any capacity.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies.


  • Do not marry between the age of 24 and 27 years
  • Keep away from green colour.
  • Native should drink milk in a silver glass.

Moon in 2 house: –

Natives would be very much concerned about their financial stability. They are particularly connected and possessive to their belonging regardless of their value. Moon in 2nd house will bring some instability in their financial path as their will be ups and downs in their lives. Native may have sweetness in speech. They can have sentimental talks. Moon In 2nd house offer local a cheerful family life.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies.

Remedies: –

  • Put a square piece of silver under the floor of the house.
  • Don’t sell milk.

Moon in 3rd house:

Natives who have moon in 3rd house lack stability of mind. They are good communicators but usually express their emotions through words which is not always good. Moon proves highly beneficial to ensure a long life and great wealth or riches for the native.

The education of the native will prove to be advantageous in every manner. Socializing, going out, making new friends gives them great freedom. In some cases, natives would be deeply interested in sports. The native would be charmer among his family.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies

Remedies: –

  • Distribute silver coins equal to the number of family members.

Moon in 4th house: –

These natives with Moon in Fourth house will be very much sensitive at the core and will be deeply attached to their belongings specially with those which they possess since the very beginning including, their family values & norms, their primitive home and their heritage. They are believed to be vulnerable and delicate. The people of this placement of Moon in 4th house are believed to be generous, kind and soft at heart besides which they are believed to attain respect and honour in their professional and social enclosure as even rewards from the government is also possible.

The native will have deep and long lasting memories of childhood which will leave lasting effect on his subconscious mind. Loyalty in relationship is like their trademark and you can trust these persons blindly. Cash comes easy to these individuals.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies

Remedies: –

  • Don’t ever refuse for a charitable deed.
  • Don’t sell milk or milk products.


Moon in 5th house: –

The natives of this placement having Moon in 5th house are very much attached to their loved ones and they will be very much concerned and protective towards them and specially towards their children. These natives are generally kind and generous to others though they won’t receive the same kindness from others and could be hurt many a times for which they seek for security in life. The native should keep his/her plans secret as revealing them would bring harm from closed ones. The natives should take concern towards his/her words which could be very harsh at times. Success in money lending or businesses done on handshake.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies.

Remedies: –

  • Keep yourself away from greed.
  • Native should always take advise from a third person.

Moon in 6th house; –

The natives born with Moon in 6th house would be very much flexible and understanding at work with the colleagues and would give all their possible help for them. These natives are very emotionally attached to their work for which good work will be a significant reason for their happiness and they stay peaceful while being busy with their work. They feel it is the part of their job to provide best service. These individuals will have fluctuating mind-sets.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies.

Remedies: –

  • Donate milk at the place of worship.

Moon in 7th house; –

Native will attract sensitive people as partners, the native desire companionship, hence many relationships. The native wants to be popular with others. There is probably a compelling emotional need for a partner and for marriage. These natives are dependent upon others for the fulfilment of work needs. These people are truly sincere and devoted towards their relationships. Moon in seventh house also give foreign travel to native and he/she may live in abroad.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies.

Remedies: –

  • Donate milk, silver or rice equal to the weight of his wife after your marriage.

Moon in 8th house; –

The native crave security and maybe search for it through other individuals’ belonging or assets. you have self-doubt and worry. These native may be subject to jealousy, envy and possessiveness.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies.

Remedies: –

  • Native should donate milk on the name of his Forefather.
  • Always take blessing of your elders.

Moon in 9th house: –  

Native may be fortunate. Native may be rich and well off. Local may get or having a considerable measure of property. might be candidly connected to his own religions or rationally religious or otherworldly. Native may got name and acclaim in the public arena. They are strong followers of spiritual and philosophical norms and believes.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies

Remedies: –

  • Don’t deal in silver or milk or milk products.

Moon in 10th house: –

Moon is a watery planet so native may working in water related profession such as navy, shipping industry, Sea related jobs, fish industry or having major dealing of the business and profession overseas. This combination bestows longevity to the native ie age of almost 90years. For such natives, what others think is very important. you feel a need to be socially useful to society. Your emotions must be controlled.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies.

Remedies: –

  • Must go to place of worship regularly.
  • Native should not drink milk at night.
  • Can keep handpump water with you for doing well in your business or job.


Moon in 11th house: –  

The native will be wealthy, will have many sons, be long-lived, will have attendants to serve. They would carry many true relations around and would develop great friendships comprising most of women friends may help get the job, make the job rewarding and will probably endure after the job is done.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies.

Remedies: –

  • Donate milk at the place of worship

Moon in 12th house: –

The Natives are truly emotional and sensitive in the social arena. they will tune in to other’s need prior and will genuinely feel their agony. They will have instability in their career path. They believe in public welfare and would be involved in public institutions, hospitals, government or any other large corporation. The personality is hidden and may be limited and confined.

If moon is malefic and you facing the negative effects then follow the given remedies

Remedies: –

  • Talk less.
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Roast Your Problems

Let us disentangle our life by solving all our problems. Furthermore,the secret of solving any issue of our life lies in the kitchen. Yes our own special kitchen.


Kitchen is the most imperative zone of our home. it tackles every issue of our life. Regardless of whether it is well being, wealth, Beauty, astrology and so on related. Any issue, and you will discover the solution in the kitchen as it were.


download (1)

  • The primary shade of kitchen ought to be pastel shades of red, orange and pink to pull in wealth.
  • Don’ t enter the kitchen with your shoes on.
  • Always enter the kitchen with a Gratitude.” Thanks a considerable measure for everything God”
  • My Mom in law once let me know “wiping your kitchen must be the main thing that you’ll do in the morning” this will build your finances. Like every other daughter in law I overlooked it.Be that as it may, folks it truly works. Attempted and tried. I am tailing it each morning and it wound up noticeably like a custom that I take after. In Maximum 10 days you will see the outcomes in your salary.



  • Ginger for menstrual cramps– Ginger can enhance blood stream and lessen aggravation in your muscles, incorporating those in the uterus where issues begin, ginger was as successful as ibuprofen for soothing period Pain.

PS: Just have a warm Cup of ginger tea.

  • Almonds-For PMS side effects and hairfall issue. Have atleast 5 almonds in a day to control your hairfall.
  • Sea Salt for dry skin:- is the most ideal approach to treat your dry skin and clearing your dead skin. You can blend it with a face wash or make its scrub and utilize it.
  • Prunes for constipation:- Insoluble fiber doesn’t disintegrate in water and makes more mass so waste can push through the stomach related framework.
  • Sugar for hiccups– when you get hiccups. Just put I teaspoon of sugar underneath your tounge
  • Back Pain:- Your drugstore carries liniments that contain capsaicin, the heat-producing substance in hot peppers. Crush your peppers and mix it with hot mustard oil and apply as an ointment.



  • Baking soda:- :- For your everyday skin issue You can blend it with any facepack or make a facepack from baking soda by missing it with turmeric. Helps you to get clear skin quickly.
  • Coconut oil:– Just apply it around evening time all over and body. Delicately knead it and enjoy your beauty sleep. It is the most widely recognized to diminish any sort of hypersensitivities(allergies) and act as a natural moisturizer. You can include a Epsom salt in it and utilize it as a scrub.
  • Aloevera:- for glowing skin.-apply normal Aloevera during the evening for a shining and sound skin.
  • Green Tea– For acne and glowing skin- Boil the tea leaves in water. When they bestow shading, expel from the fire. Cool it and include two teaspoons from it in a bowl include brown sugar and blend it well. Apply all over and keep it for 20 mins.

Now coming on to my most loved “Astrology”. These are the general remedies. Every chart is different. For personalised solutions please message at a below given number.


Are you scared of Saturn, Rahu ,Ketu & Mars. Dont be

Youngsters not getting hitched, having property related pressures, wishes not getting satisfied, feeling blockages in your work

You will get solution for all this in your kitchen


  • Sprinkle Milk on stove while shutting it off at night- it reduces the bad effects of Rahu and Saturn.
  • Wipe the floor with salt water daily or once per week.
  • Finding a perfect match for your daughter or son and not able to find any-just keep a small bag full of sugar on your balcony and terrace or any corner of the kitchen. And when the wish comes true. Just throw it in the water.
  • In Depression:- Drink milk in the silver glass.
  • If anyone is manglik and they want to do the upay- throw sindoor in the river.
  • For greater communication and negotiations wear copper coin in your neck or atleast keep it in your pocket.
  • If you want love and affection in your life- wear perfumes, give curd or ghee in a sacred place.
  • Eat with the stove fire on is the great measure for Rahu related issues
  • Give Red masoor to the sweeper for Rahu related problems
  • Put saffron tilak on your forehead for ketu problems
  • If you are falling sick frequently– Take wheat equivalent to weight of a sick person and throw it in the river.
  • If you have family pressures– Feed chapatis to Dogs


Above are general remedies.

For personalised chart reading and solutions please contact

Purnima Gupta:- 7506489291


Cure Your Blood Pressure through Astrology

Medical Astrology is an old way that connects different parts of the body, infections, and medications as affected by the sun, moon, and planets, alongside the twelve astrological signs. Each of the astrological signs (alongside the sun, moon, and planets) is related with various parts of the human body

.16th-century medical astrology

Lets Start with the blood pressure as this is very common these days.

Majority of us is experiencing high or low Blood pressure. It’s a typical issue nowadays. Be that as it may, Fluctuating blood pressure is constantly trailed by hypertensions, Thyroid and heart issues.

You may accept medication to solution it. But, this time lets cure it by some other path Through astrology.

Moon and Mars are karka of Blood and cause Variation in pressure.

A week and harrowed moon but a strong mars causes high Blood Pressure. Also relation between sun and Jupiter gives high blood pressure.

A week and harrowed moon and a frail and distressed Mars will bring about low BP. Likewise connection between Sun and Saturn also gives low BP.


Remedies for a Low Blood Pressure

  • Shavasan- is the best technique to treat a high as well as low blood pressure. Just lay flat on your back. and try to relax your body. Shavasan is way of experiencing total relaxation.



  • Silver:- Wear a silver Bracelet in your hand or wear a silver ring in your thumb.
  • Sandal:- Apply sandal in tips of your thumb before going to bed.
  • Salt:- keep your legs in the salted water before going to bed.

Remedies For high blood pressure

  • Mixture1:-Cook rice blended with Jaggery, mix them with milk and eat on Sunday. Do it for 8 Sundays.
  • Mixture2:- Take 1 glass of cow or goat’s milk, 2 teaspoon cow’s ghee, 10 black pepper and 10 grams Mishri. Eat this mixture with honey in morning- evening.
  • Don’t eat nonvegetarian food
  • Say No to protein:-Don’t take too much of protein. Intake of protein can cause problem if your mars is weak.
  • Magnet:-Wear a small magnet that touches your ribs in your neck.


Stay Connected, Stay healthy

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Moment to pause & Make a wish.


1,11,111,1111-Angel numbers are the reminder from our Guardian angels that we are associated by our contemplation. They solicit you to know from your thoughts and centre what your heart genuinely seeks.


There are such a large number of things that is identified with 11:11 yet the most widely recognized is of making a wish. On the off chance that you see this number 11:11 on a Digital clock please make a wish quickly as some believe that holy messengers around are prepared to concede your desire.


The only time of the day when all the numbers are just same. Nobody possessed the capacity to follow the causes of that one. It was simply something they learned on the play area, or from an irregular relative, or through verbal. Yet at the same time something mysterious and magical about these number and time. I have encountered it. What’s more, the measure of my desires that got satisfied made me compose this blog on 11:11.


We more likely than not heard that heavenly attendants utilize messages or some other shape to interface with us. Some of the time feathers, irregular possess an aroma similar to blooms, scene in a film that absolutely identifies with your circumstance around then, tune or anything.. 11:11 is one of the ways. At the point when your Guardian messengers ask you : “what do you need my child” and like a Jeanie is prepared to grant you, your wish.


As of now you have to keep your idea positive as your thinking is in a split second showing into shape. Concentrate just on your desires not on your doubts.

A few people guarantee that when this number is seen it implies that there is some sort of window opening up in your life and you ought to request the direction of your “holy messengers” to discover what it is. Some new open doors will thump your entryway.

Warning Don’t cheat, Be reasonable.

Ask just when this number comes arbitrarily before your eyes. Try not to set the clock and detail inquiring.

And your wish should not harm anyone.


Happy Manifesting ❤


Saturn Retrograde 2017

Something about Saturn (Shani Dev)

Saturn-  A teacher and a real Strict one. It teaches you lessons based on your past deeds, what we cal as Karma. Its a very slow moving planet and takes 2.5 years to pass each zodiac sign or a house.

It rules the Ascendant (Different from Zodiac) signs- Capricorn and Aquarius. People born under Saturn ascendant signs or on Saturdays can be successful in their professional life if they are into occupations related to import, export, ores, mines, hair, wool and metals.

it is not always unfavorable, that just a misconception. it provides extraordinary positive results if it occupies a favorable position in your astrological chart(Kundli).

Saturn Retrograde in 2017 

Saturn is retrograding from 6th April till 20th June and then it will again enter the sign Scorpio.

its effects on different Moon Signs- i am repeating moon sign:-

Aries– Saturn would retrograde in the 9th house from your moon sign. You have to face a difficult time in your professional life as 9th house is the house of professions. You will be stressed and disappointed. just stay calm and let the time go. when the Saturn reaches Scorpio (your 8th house) it will test your patience. Just read Hanuman Chalisa daily.

Taurus– Saturn would retrograde from your 8th house and going back to your 7 house. issues related to marriage can pop up. Father’s heath need to be taken care off. your health must be on top of your list.Donate Masoor black dal.

Gemini- Saturn retrogrades from 7 house. have to face some challenges in your married life. take care about your partner’s health. partner’s work might get hamper.and after June you can get success in legal matters. Donate Masoor black dal.

Cancer:– Saturn is moving towards your 5 house means family atmosphere could be disturbed and have to face difficulties or rejection in love affairs. do not propose anyone in this period. do not cheat on your partner. students will be focusing less on their work. Just read Hanuman Chalisa daily.

Leo:– Saturn is moving from your 5th house. Leo moon sign people can get success in love affair. they will have a romantic period coming up for them. they will enjoy the company of their partners and their partners would give them ample amount of time. but when Saturn enters in your 4th house you have to face domestic problems. and health of your mother might be affected. Give water to plants and trees.

Virgo:– Saturn will be moving towards your third house. your mother might get frequently ill. some property related issues can also pop up. and don’t think of changing your residence. you will be mentally tensed and your relation might get sour during this period. offer mustard oil to shani dev.

Libra:-Saturn will be retrograding from your 3 house. this would definitely affect the peace of your domestic life. Your health might get down. Please take care of your stomach. You might gain some property. Light a lamp in front of shani dev.

Scorpio: Saturn will transit through 2nd house from your moon sign. please have a control on your tongue. You could stay away from your family for a longer time period. you can suffer from mental stress and anxieties. Please control your tongue while dealing with people.feed a crow regularly.

Sagittarius:– Saturn will enter your ascendant signs. Your siblings would definitely gain success in this period. you could have arguments with your life partners on small small things. Please have a check on your speech. be very polite to elders of the family.

Capricorn:-Saturn is in your 12th house from your moon sign. You might have to face looses in your business and investments. take care of your health. you might feel drained out.  all this you have to face till June. and then things would be better. Feed a black dog regularly.

Aquarius:- Saturn would enter you 11 house and you will get good amount of profits in your business and investments. your social circle would increase. you will be focused on what exactly you want to achieve. keep your expenses under control. Give respect to elders in your family.

Pisces:– Saturn will be in the 10th house from your moon sign. You will get good opportunities at work. Don’t neglect them otherwise you have to face major losses. Success will be their but after a good amount of struggle. Foreign trips might be beneficial. take care of your spouse’s health. Read Hanuman chalisa daily.

Hope this belong might be beneficial for all.