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Dreams that changed my life.

Hi everybody, I am composing this blog just to share the astonishing knowledge I having for a previous couple of days. Furthermore, from that point forward, my life is getting to be to GORGEOUS. I am extremely appreciative for such Miracles occurrences in my life that I experienced each day.

We all know according to Hindu religion “SAWAAN “month is going on. Month of SHIV-the Hindu God. My master. I am a genuine devotee of SHIV and his forces.

As everybody knows I am a Tarot reader and an astrologer and just to keep my mind positive, for my inner peace and to build my instincts I Meditate daily.. Each morning and night. This is in my schedule. It’s more like a custom now that I follow.

Meditation always gives you a very powerful positive feel from which you can manifest anything and everything you want until and unless it harms anyone. So regular miracles occur in my life and I am exceptionally used to of it however yes extremely appreciative about it.

However, for recent days I was getting a few dreams-longs for MY master SHIV

Earlier once I saw that I was chanting “MAHAMTRINYUNJAY MANTRA” in my dream and all of a sudden reached to a Shivling kept under a tree. A black color Shivling. I talked about the dream to my close relative and she said SAWAN is going on. You please go to the temple and pour JAL on Shivling. I said alright.

At that point I thought it must be there in my subliminal personality that is the reason I saw such dream. Yet, I was doing my meditations. Also, yes was valuing the changes or I say the positive changes that was coming my direction every day.

Then one night I saw a river streaming and I was attempting to cross the waterway,all of a sudden a peacock originated from nowhere and helped me to cross  the way and vanished. Next morning a major issue in my life got tackled that too with no endeavors.

My concentration moved towards my dreams and after that I begin to discover about all such in detail.

I was reading about the dream interpretations online and I saw that watching Shiv in our dreams means you must meditate more to see what is awaiting for you.

Then Major dreams came last night:-

I saw a snake, not a snake in fact – an Anaconda kind of a reptile- black in color was there in a cage and suddenly I saw that somehow it escaped. Two individuals whom I don’t know really fled in a jeep. I was left  alone and that snake was chasing me but I kept running and running  on a green land and suddenly a river came but I was going all through. I was suspecting that this snake will kill me but then I saw a little temple and I thought of taking shelter there.  And guess what it was a Shiv temple again. I saw the Shivling-white shading this time and I woke up.

I tried to find the meaning immediately I woke up and it shows that I got a victory over an enemy. Plus I am on a right path. And that I have become a very positive person with time.

Since morning whatever I said randomly to people turned out to be true in their lives. So I wish for all my people an extremely cheerful and positive life ahead.


Much obliged to you Shivji for such unique wonders in feel every day.

ADVICE: Start Meditating


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